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Boss Battle Tips

  • Bosses occur around every 3 planted planets. (Planted does not mean saved!)

  • Normal Planet set-up for the first two bosses: 2 Pyramids (possibly 4 if I am on a larger planet) covered in plants for extra life with a Mori in between each pyramid in the middle to destroy the mob of aliens that like to appear at the same time.

  • Bosses can attack through planets

Regular Dragon~ Strategy :Aim and shoot

Fire Dragon~ This guy is harder and does more damage though same strategy is used aim for better weapon to destroy faster

  • I like to load all my planets to the max, first I do the pyramids and statues so I can focus on planting (which I cover the entire surface if feasible sometimes its smarter to skip this if on a smaller planet) and try to avoid damage so when fighting bosses I can make a pit spot for some needed life.

Ice Dragon~ Best to fight flying through space jet pack upgrades come in use for this one, the large balls of ice that hit and freeze you can destroy with your gun. Avoid blasts if possible and stop at health planets for brief recharge if you get out of range for a moment. Aim and shot

Space Ship~ Similar strategy as the Ice Dragon, be careful as it will spawn many little space ships and satellites will appear and surround you out of no where try to stay out of range of its weapon destroy as many of spawned enemies asap so your not overwhelmed and try to just float at decent range and shot.

Blob~ It forms around the planet your on aim for heart and shot it spawns jellies that ink you making it difficult to see, the heart movies so I was on a small planet built lots of pyramids and for the most part let them hit the boss while I worked on the spawned jellies, sniping when I had a chance.

to be continued...


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