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Hello there, fellow cosmochorians! We introduce you to Cosmochoria, a game where you can be the one to save the galaxy! Jump from planet to planet, save them by planting mysterious seeds and kill the mean aliens who want to destroy the galaxy. You will fight dragons, aliens, and harsh environments in the new indie title.

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Video Game

Caption A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jet pack and laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time.
Developer Nate Schmold
Release Fall, 2014
Platforms Mac / Windows / Linux
Genre Action / Arcade
Modes Single-Player Multiplayer(TBA)
Media Steam And Wii U



You play a tiny naked astronaut. You start the game on a non-living planet. You can jump or teleport from planet to planet in order to bring them to life while Aliens try to destroy you. Each alien or alien ship you destroy gives crystals as reward, which will help you upgrade your game-play. You can buy upgrades with these crystals and improve your characters strength.


Use W or Space to jump, A to go left, D to go right, S to plant Seeds, right-click to fly your jet-pack and left-click to shoot. While you are on a planet, you move around the planet. If you are in space, use your jet-pack to speed, although you can also move even if you don`t use the jet-pack, at a lower speed.


Use seeds to grow plants which revive planets. Aliens will attack in attempt to stop your work. Killing them will grant you Crystals which you can use to buy Upgrades and get stronger. Upgrades can currently only be purchased when your character dies.


One of the current kickstarter rewards is the ability to play as Simon from the Yogscast. If you donate at least $15 to the kickstarter you will obtain the Yogsnaught Tier.


"This game is great. I am really enjoying the way this game is growing." - Steam User
"Fantastic art. Fantastic music. fantastic and easy game controls. BIG thumbs up." - Steam User



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